Transparency and openness

Transparancy Agreement

Transparency Agreement

The importance of effective communication regarding animal research is increasingly acknowledged by researchers in the Netherlands. In October 2020, a steering committee was formed, initiated by various researchers in collaboration with the European Animal Research Association (EARA), to create a Dutch Transparency Agreement.

The purpose of the Transparency Agreement is to provide society with greater openness and transparency regarding animal research. To achieve this, the signatories will work towards improved collaboration between organizations and institutions concerning communication about:

    • What animal research involves.
    • The protection of laboratory animals within the Dutch legal frameworks and the regulation of animal research.
    • The role of animal research within scientific research, the development of new medical treatments, product safety, promotion of animal health, animal welfare, and nature conservation.
    • The commitment of institutions, professionals, researchers, and animal caretakers/biotechnicians to promote animal welfare.
    • Efforts to reduce the use of animals and minimize discomfort.
    • The extent to which animal research can be replaced by alternative methods and the current adoption of animal-free techniques.
    • The transition to animal-free innovation.

This aligns with the mission of the Stichting Informatie Dierproeven (SID). SID supports the signatories in implementing and executing the Transparency Agreement. In late April 2021, the steering committee finalized the Transparency Agreement and circulated it among the intended signatories.

The signatories of the Transparency Agreement conduct, fund, or support ANIMAL RESEARCH in the Netherlands for:

    • Human and animal health
    • Quality of life
    • Nature and the environment

have already replaced many laboratory animals, but animal research remains necessary. The how and why are independently assessed for every single use.

The animal research conducted in The Netherlands is in the interest of society. Therefore, we consider it crucial to be OPEN and TRANSPARENT about our use of laboratory animals, adhering to the following commitments:

    1. We are clear about when, how, and why animals are used in research.
    2. We strive for improved communication about animal experimentation in the Netherlands with the media and the public.
    3. We proactively provide opportunities for the general public to learn about animal experimentation and the applicable regulations.
    4. Annually, we report our progress and share experiences with each other.

Annual Report 2022

Dutch Transparency Agreement

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